Smashing success for the first annual “HSS Carnival”


The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) encompasses eight departments having an impact on hundreds of students at Indiana University Kokomo each year. 

With hopes to create a tighter-knit school when it comes to the students in a different department, Interim Dean Chris Darr had the idea to create an event that encouraged comradery between students and a buzz around campus. 

The annual HSS Carnival, put on by the Interim Dean, HSS Administrative Assistance, and students from the Dean’s Advisory Group did just that. 

The Carnival took place on April 26 on the Earth Stage at IU Kokomo and had over one hundred students in attendance and representation from each department’s faculty. The Interim Dean had encouraged all students to come out and attend the event. 

Here students could enjoy a grilled hot dog, chips, popcorn, and cotton candy, play carnival games, and have the chance to win all kinds of prizes. Professor J.R. Pico even showed up dressed as a clown to add to the carnival vibe of the event. 

The top attraction of the day was when students had the opportunity to play for the grand prize, which consisted of $300 worth of prizes including a tent, double hammocks, a cooler, Bluetooth speakers, wireless header phones, and all the snacks you could dream of. It was the perfect prize to have for a fantastic summer. 

To win the grand prize students had to slingshot a water balloon into a kiddie pool in the middle of the yard. 

Funny enough, I was the one to win the grand prize! I managed to land two water balloons in the pool.  

The media and marketing team at IU Kokomo was there to capture the tournament, including some fun video footage of the water balloon competition.   

To find some footage of the event, you can navigate to the videos available on IU Kokomo’s Instagram. 

The HSS department cannot wait to throw a bigger and even better carnival next year. See you there!