Women in Business travel to Bloomington


On Feb. 9, the Indiana University Kokomo Women in Business (WiB) club visited IU Bloomington for a Kokomo Experience & You (KEY) trip.  

The trip consisted of three main activities: an informational presentation covering the IU MBA program, a presentation and networking with the Bloomington WiB club, and an IU women’s basketball game. 

To be accepted into IU Bloomington’s MBA program, it is required to have about three years of work experience, so most of the students the group met with had come back to school after their undergrad and entrance into the workforce.  

“I feel the MBA presentation greatly benefited the members of our WiB because it allowed us to see that there are other opportunities out there, and that it is okay to not be certain about your future upon graduation.” Said Ginger Slisher, President of IU Kokomo’s WiB club.  

After, they attended a tour of IU Bloomington’s business buildings and learned additional information involving the program and groups, clubs, and activities available for graduate students.  

“Our group learned about the qualifications as well as the typical application and orientation process of the MBA program at IUB,” said Slisher. “We also got to hear first-hand from current students what their personal experiences have been while in the program and what they wish they may have done differently throughout their undergraduate and early career journey.” 

Additionally, the group learned about an annual networking event called “speed dating” that they plan to implement into their own networking session for the 2023 LEAD conference on March 30. 

Next, the group met with the Bloomington WiB club, where they learned about the club’s organization, including their member recruitment, hierarchy, funding, events, and more. According to Slisher, their processes differ from the Kokomo club. 

“We were able to learn some new systems and processes that we feel may be beneficial to implement into our organization, and we also learned about some events that are successful for them but wouldn’t work at IU Kokomo due to the fact that we are a commuter campus.” Slisher said. 

The trip was incredibly helpful for Anthony Rodriguez, who is currently in his first semester in the IU Kokomo MBA program, as he realized he would rather finish his MBA at IU Bloomington. He was able to gain insight into what the workload is like as well as the requirements to be accepted into the program. 

But Rodriguez still values the experience and insights gained from being a part of IU Kokomo’s WiB club.  

“WIB has taught me how to be a better ally. In the past I have noticed injustices in my workplace towards women; understanding more about the struggles that women face in business means I am able to help now.” Rodriguez said. 

He also noted that the club has given him opportunities such as travelling to Boston, Disney World, and Tennessee as well as experiences to expand his marketing portfolio by creating flyers, copywriting social posts, or planning for the LEAD conference.   

Vice President Lia Roudebush agrees that the IU Kokomo WiB club will also have long-lasting impacts on her life, “personally and professionally.” 

“I feel so much more confident in my ability present myself and take ownership for my accomplishments,” said Roudebush. “I’m more inclined to step out of my comfort zone and take advantage of new opportunities that come my way.” 

Students who want to get involved in the IU Kokomo WiB club can contact President Ginger Slisher directly at [email protected] to be added to the Canvas page or attend any of the club’s events that are posted on IUKLife or via Instagram @iukwib.