Scott Jones serves as Executive Vice Chancellor


 IU Kokomo’s new Executive Vice Chancellor, Scott Jones, began his work on campus again this semester.  

Jones began working at IU Kokomo for the second time after four years of working at Lander University in South Carolina.  

Prior to this, Jones worked as a professor, a department chair, and the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences here at IU Kokomo. 

“I really respect IUK, it’s a fantastic place, I was happy for the opportunity to come back.” Jones said. “I really like the region, I like the people, I love everything around here. It’s just a fantastic place.”  

When asked about some of the differences between his position as a Dean for IU Kokomo and his current role, Jones said, “You just have a broader scope of responsibilities, and I think every position is equally important as we all try to make the university move forward.” He continued, “It’s a difference in responsibility and scope. But, I think overall, your work in trying to make the best university you can for students, faculty, and staff is the same.”  

With a new job position, there also come new challenges.  

“We are always working at figuring out ways to help students be more successful. When I was a professor, I was doing that one class at a time, as a chair I would help do that throughout the department, and as a dean, the college. So here, it’s the same basic things but on a broader level.”  

As a faculty member, Jones tried to get the resources to do well in his class. Now, he is trying to help faculty and students get the “resources they need.”  

Jones stated that his main goal is “to help the university continue its mission in being a destination campus and serving the students of the region.” 

“I think we have a role to serve our service region and the students and people who live in it. I want to continue to make sure we do that as well as possible.” 

Jones is excited to be back at IU Kokomo and will continue to improve the university from his new position.