Women in Business host semi-formal


The first ever semi-formal dance at Indiana University Kokomo took place on Oct. 8, 2022.  

The event was orchestrated by the IU Kokomo Women in Business, and according to Ginger Slisher, the president of Women in Business, her and other members had heard students comment that they wish there was a campus dance.

Taking this suggestion into consideration, the Women in Business decided to make it happen.  

The cocktail-themed dance was free of charge to every student and their potential guest. If a student did not own attire that was on theme, the Cougar Closet was open to provide these students with appropriate clothing. This was an important aspect of the dance to the Women in Business, as they wanted everyone to be able to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. Tickets were available in the Cougar Closet as well, although they were not necessary for admission to the dance. 

Women in Business put effort into assuring that the dance was pleasurable for the attendees. They booked a DJ, created a backdrop, and tried to make the environment universally accommodable.  

“I think it will benefit the student body by giving them a little break from the busyness of classes and sporting events.” Slisher said. She also noted that this would be a great opportunity for students who had missed dances in high school due to COVID-19 to get some of those experiences back.  

The Women in Business hoped that this event would offer an opportunity for people who do not attend IU Kokomo to see campus, and for students who are newer to campus to meet new people. 

“A common thing I hear from freshmen or new students is that they don’t know anyone, and this is a great opportunity to make some new friends while looking your best.” Slisher said. 

The Women in Business have many more events planned in the future. On Oct. 19, Women in Business is hosting a Q&A Panel from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in KC130B. It is open to all students and community members and there will be five female entrepreneurs there to answer questions and to network following the panel. The RSVP is located on IUK Life and questions can be submitted to @iukwib on Instagram.  

On Nov. 1, Women in Business is sending nine students and one advisor to Indianapolis for the annual Indiana Women’s Conference. Slisher feels the event “is a great opportunity to network and leave feeling more empowered.” 

Women in Business also plan to host a mental health night and a Christmas party. The dates have not been determined, but they will be released soon. The LEAD Conference, which is hosted annually by the Women in Business, will take place in March.