Campus blood drive helps change lives

The October dates of the campus blood drive have just concluded, and the results were outstanding. 

The event goes on annually at Indiana University Kokomo with the assistance of the American Red Cross and IU Kokomo student Lanie Pocock, a member of the Red Cross Collegiate Leadership Program.  

Even though the students who had previously donated in August were ineligible to donate this October, other campus members were able to pull through and donated a total of 33 units of blood.  

Which is better than expected, according to Pocock.  

The blood drive was an occasion for students to give back to their community and learn more about the value of blood donation in the process.  

Much of the educating is done in part by Pocock, who orchestrates the blood drive and helps get others involved in the purpose.  

“Being a part of the blood drive has allowed me to communicate with a large majority of our campus and meet a lot of new people,” Pocock said. “I love being able to teach our community about the importance of blood donation.”  

Pocock says the blood drive has allowed her to become more involved on campus and connect with other students as well.  

Pocock got involved with this specific leadership position a few years back.  

“I have always admired the American Red Cross and all that they do for our country. When I was given the opportunity, I knew it was something I needed to be a part of. They are truly an amazing organization, so I was very excited to be able to work with them and get involved.”  

Those who wanted to participate in the blood donation were able to do so by signing up either online or at a booth in the cafeteria. Once they had selected a time slot that fit their schedule, they would show up at that time and members of the American Red Cross would assist in collecting their blood. There were snacks and juices available following.  

If you are interested in donating on campus in the future, the event happens every year during both the fall and spring semester.