Newfields presents ‘Monet and Friends Alive’


Ella Kantz

Newfield’s LUME exhibit offers a unique viewing experience of impressionist art.

After presenting the art of Vincent van Gogh in the previous year, Newfields’s LUME exhibit is now showcasing the works of Monet, Pissarro, Renoir, Cézanne and others. These artists were prominent in 19th century Paris because of their impressionist art.

Impressionist art is characterized by light brush strokes, strong color, accurate light depictions, and a finished image that becomes clearer the farther away the observer is. Another aspect of impressionism that stood out was that many of these paintings were completed outside, which had not been done often in previous years.

Before the 19th century, it was very difficult to transport paint, which made the act of painting outside very difficult. This new style of painting outdoors was deemed, “en plein air.” The paintings included many landscapes and portraits. The unique impressionist aspect of the portraits was that rather than the subjects being posed, the painting was meant to replicate real moments in time.

The exhibit itself is very impressive. It is the largest showcase of art in the history of the museum, something that is proudly displayed on their website. The whole exhibit totals to be roughly 30,000 sq. ft. of art, which is projected everywhere from the floor to all the way up the walls.

The art moves along the walls and floor in a seamless fashion. Guests are invited to sit down and watch the art as it progresses across the walls and phases out into a new picture. Music plays over speakers across the entire exhibit, which makes for a more immersive experience.

As the artwork proceeds, they are occasionally accompanied by descriptions that give insight to the artists and the period of impressionism. This makes it so even a person who does not have a lot of background knowledge into the art or the time period it was created in can enjoy and learn from the exhibit.

I would suggest that everyone should go to a LUME exhibit at least once. I have been to the LUME twice, and both times it exceeded my expectations.

Tickets are $30 a person for non-members, which includes general admission to the entire museum. Not only can you learn more about the artists, you can experience their art in a unique way. The exhibit truly has something that every person can enjoy.