LGBTQ+ Center and Kokomo Pride host drag show


On April 22, the first ever drag show at Indiana University Kokomo took place. This event was put on through the works of the LGBTQ+ Center at IU Kokomo and Kokomo Pride. The show was hosted by Glinda B. Fierce and included Naomi De Fierce and Ava Morningstar. They all had their own performances, along with a lip sync battle between Glinda B. Fierce and Naomi De Fierce. 

In the opening of the show, Glinda B. Fierce emphasized the importance of registering to vote and taking a stand for members of the LGBTQ+ community. “When voting, you have to think how you will protect your most vulnerable friend.” They stressed that even in a small community, you have to do what you can to pressure change. Being from Indiana themself, they shared a first-hand experience of upholding beliefs in the face of adversity. 


Co-President of Kokomo Pride, Paul Novak was at the show and gave insight into the innerworkings of the variety of programs. These included Youth Group and Young Adult Group. Youth Group meetings take place every Thursday from 6-7:30 PM while Young Adult Group takes place on Tuesdays from 6-7:30 PM.  

Kokomo Pride has had a variety of groups in the past, and Novak encouraged community involvement in restarting some of these groups. “Please reach out, we want to serve our community as much as possible and be available to as many people as we can be.” 

An event that will take place this summer is the Kokomo Pride Festival, which will be on June 24 from 2-8 PM. The festival will have food and live entertainment for participants to enjoy. More information on Kokomo Pride and upcoming events is available on their website,, and on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.  

The LGBTQ+ Center at IU Kokomo is directed by Benjamin Liechty, who was also present at the show. Liechty said they are always looking for more participation in the Center. The Center is focused on inclusivity and providing a safe environment for LGBTQ+ IU Kokomo students. For interested students on campus to get involved, they can get in touch with a student ambassador of the Center or go to their website. This is one of many steps students can take to become more involved on campus and support their peers.