Field Journal hopes to expand students’ ‘field of vision’

Indiana University Kokomo’s Field: A Journal of Arts and Sciences, has extended their deadline for submissions to Dec. 9. 

The upcoming edition of Field that is in the works of production, will be the eighth piece within the journal collection that essentially is an artistic time capsule of each academic school year at IU Kokomo.  

Since it was founded in Aug. 2016, the Field journal serves as a representation of the diverse perspectives at IU Kokomo and urges readers to expand their perspective beyond their own. 

Submissions for this publication may include short stories, visual arts, digital arts, podcasts, interviews, photography, poems, prose, research papers, comics, sheet music, and any creative endeavor one has produced.  

 “You can learn so much from Field,” says Maggie Kincade, a junior in the Psychology Department, who is featured in the seventh volume of Field. “Field is so important because it gives students a source for the things they are proud of and things they want to show off. What better way to do that than something for students made by students.”  

Kincade stated that her feature in Field gave her a “confidence boost” in writing and encourages students with similar interests to get their work published through the journal.   

“The value of Field lies in its integrity as a peer-reviewed documentation of the scope of research that occurs on this campus and an opportunity for students to be published,” says Michael Koerner, Creative Director for Field, and Assistant Professor of New Media. “Because fields of research are ever expanding, each volume of Field offers insight as to what was being explored in the context and culture of that given year.”  

“We have a lot of talent and a lot of creative energy at IUK,” says Jim Coby, Assistant Professor in the English and Language Studies Department, and Editor in Chief of the Field Journal. “Field is a wonderful forum for students to share their creativity and to celebrate the accomplishments of their peers.”  

Coby expanded on the initiatives of the Field Journal in the Fall of 2020: “For better or worse, we can thank the COVID-19 pandemic for the Field Live Podcast,” 

With a dream to include more audiovisual works in the journal, Field now produces QR codes that link to the journal’s YouTube page for access to multimedia pieces that cannot be fully experienced in the context of print media.  

The deadline for submission to the Field: A Journal of Arts and Sciences is Dec. 9 and can be sent to [email protected]. For more information about submission requirements or inquiries, get involved in the Field Committee Board, and/or contact those creating the newest publication, visit